No matter where in the U.S. you need display graphics, from California to Chicago, from New Mexico to New York, we have you covered. Our expert team will collaborate on your creation and then come to you to install the highest quality of work – anywhere in the country. Recently, we set the scene for ING Financial Services down south in Atlanta, Georgia.

ING Gives Back to Their Atlanta Community

ING was working with the Atlanta community to help teach kids how to be financially smart when they grow up.  ING needed to install a permanent exhibit at the Junior Achievement Discovery Center that would inspire the children. We were selected to help.

First, our production manager and client services team brainstormed with ING and their architect, to discuss which type of graphics would be the best for the show. Next, since we were far from the location, we actually worked from their architectural drawings. We studied the plans, customizing the graphics to fit the dimensions perfectly. Since we pride ourselves on being a reliable resource, we double checked with ING regarding the locations existing elements, such as lighting fixtures, counters and television monitors.

We all agreed to build three large walls, and cover the walls with durable 3M vinyl graphics. Using our expertise and advanced technology, we kiss cut the shapes of the words and images. Kiss cutting is a type of die-cutting process that allows images to be cut with amazing precision.

Next, our expert installation team flew to Atlanta to get to the job done. Quickly the blank space became a stunning ING showcase. The three big walls, covered in the bright graphics, called out to the kids in eye-catching colors. The overall process from creation to installation took just two weeks, and the event is a permanent success. We are very glad to help ING educate the children, the financial advisors of the future.

So next time you are looking for powerful displays, wherever you may be, Enhance a Colour is your resource, from sea to shining sea.

Down to Detail

  • Three large walls were created.
  • The left wall was 14 ft. W by 20 ft. H, from which the TV monitor was displayed.
  • The middle wall was 12 ft. W by 10 ft. H.
  • The right wall was 12ft. W by 10 ft. H, featuring the counter with computer stations.
  • Durable 3M Vinyl Graphics covered the wall.
  • The graphics were kiss cut for amazing precision.
  • We were able to work from the architectural plans to design the showcase.
  • Our installation team went the distance to Atlanta to install it all.
  • The overall process took only two weeks.

We are able to travel all over the country to meet your needs!


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