Just two weeks before the U.S. Open began, Prince Sports contacted Enhance a Colour to help create a Pop-Up Store that would captivate crowds and bring in business.
Enhance a Colour has years of practice producing custom pop-up shops, from creating the walls and floors, to developing the dynamic custom in-store graphics, lighting concepts, and more. We were more than ready to help Prince ace the assignment. Our first point in the game was creating the amazing back wall. We produced the wall using 3M Vinyl adhesive, and covered the section with the most vibrant of printed graphics. In order to add to the excitement, we cut out a section of the wall, so the live tennis matches could be projected on it. And we were just getting warmed up.

We constructed custom illuminated shelves that were battery powered, and installed them onto the wall. The shelving proudly displayed the new line of Prince shoes and accessories, and helped light up interest for the brand.

Prince Sports Illuminated Shelving

For the final winning shot, a vibrant green carpet runner was created which drew in crowds, and rolled out attention for their Prince Sports PR event. Our installation team popped it all up in just two weeks, and put everything away once the event was over. The Prince Pop-Up Store was a Winner, and we were glad to have been part of the team.

Down to Detail

  • We created the template for the artwork.
  • A vibrant back wall was produced using 3M Vinyl adhesive.
  • Battery operated illuminated shelves were built and attached to the wall to light up excitement.
  • Prince Logos were featured on the entrance door and two sets of windows. The logos were printed on clear adhesive vinyl, and the lettering kiss-cut for precision.
  • On the large front window, we printed on perforated vinyl adhesive.  This technique allows the window to be covered in graphics, yet still lets the sunlight come in, and lets the consumers see inside and out.
  • A vibrant green carpet runner was also created for the store and helped roll out interest for their PR event.
  • We sent an installer to inspect the site.
  • In just two weeks, the event was created.
  • We handled both installation and removal.

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