Imagine the impact printed fabrics as large as an unbelievable 16 ft. by 95 ft. can make for your next tradeshow and exhibit, and picture the audience reaction to theater backdrops as wide as 64 ft. by 45 ft. high. When you want to make a really big impression with the brightest, most colorful, enormous fabrics, we are your experts.

Using our advanced capabilities of dye-sublimation printing, we are able to print up to an amazing 16 feet high by 100 feet in length, with vibrant color and detail. Larger pieces can be joined together with custom hidden seams. Our creations have starred on and off Broadway as theater backdrops, have dazzled consumers at events and trade shows as custom displays, captivated crowds as breathtaking wall murals, and more.

With dye-sublimation printing by Enhance a Colour, the ink is applied directly to the fabric at a temperature of 400 degrees with intense pressure. The ink actually becomes part of the material. The finished piece is lush with the entire spectrum of colors, even pastels, and is brighter and more detailed than ever thought possible. Other companies print using solvent or UV ink which chip and crack over time, and appear less vibrant, but our fabric can be machine washed and dried, folded, ironed, and steamed repeatedly without worry of fading.

We offer a selection of seven different 16 ft. wide fabrics, from a light weight sheer voile fabric, to poplin, to the heavier Broadway material. Together, we can help your next show have a gigantic effect on audiences everywhere.

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