This soccer season, The United Arab Emirates Airline is the sponsor of The New York Cosmos Major League Games.  The airline’s advertising agency, The Pulse Group of Great Britain, wanted to use the opportunity to create a sponsorship suite that would get their brand noticed.  Enhance a Colour was called on to be a part of the team.

Since Enhance a Colour is the leader in the production of stunning graphics and displays, we have the expertise to create all that was needed. To powerfully display the airline’s logo and their marketing message, we covered the walls in a combination of framed C-prints, wall graphics, and direct-to-print Sintra. All were produced in outstanding color and striking print quality. Next, we built custom white table tops, concealing the existing bland brown wooden tables and transforming them into slick, clean presentation surfaces.

At Enhance a Colour, we have years of experience in custom installation, and our expert team is quick on their feet, installing everything 3 hours before each game, and then putting it all away after the match is over.  The eye-catching graphics captivate soccer audiences and increase awareness for the brand. We are glad to help United Arab Emirates Airline and The Pulse Group reach their winning goal.

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