As the leader in the production and installation of environmental graphics, we have helped top organizations transform blank spaces into amazing marketing spaces. Our Environmental Graphics Team creates dynamic areas by utilizing all your empty surfaces, including walls, ceilings, windows and floors.

Our experts use a variety of materials, like 3M adhesive vinyl, oversized dye-sublimated printed seamless fabrics, quick-change magnetic walls, and so much more.  Recently, we created one-of-a-kind environments for Nintendo, Nike, and Olga Apparel.

At Nintendo’s Flagship store in Rockefeller Center, New York City, we converted a blank glass elevator into a fun double sided image wall, celebrating their characters Luigi’s 30th birthday.  Kids and adults alike were delighted by the images, and clearly the elevator drew in the crowds.  Next, we sprinted over to Niketown, where our team changed an empty white area into an energetic marketing space for the new running shoe, the Nike Free Flyknit.  The vibrant colors and amazing detail of the graphics attracted customers, and kick-started sales for the sneaker.

Our environmental creations also appeared at Olga, an apparel brand owned by Warnaco.  In honor of Breast Cancer Month, Olga announced its partnership My Hope Chest, a non-profit organization raising money for the cause.  Using environmentally friendly inks, we covered the elevator, reception area, offices, and showroom in a combination of logos, images, and different sized beautiful butterflies, giving the atmosphere a feeling of hope.

Down to Detail

Nintendo: The double sided images were created by flipping and reversing the pictures on a single piece of clear adhesive vinyl.  The work was printed using UV 4 process inks.

Niketown: 3M white Adhesive Graphics were used and then covered with a lustre lamination. The lustre finish minimizes reflections without loss of sharpness to the image.

Olga: Latex environmentally friendly inks were printed directly to clear pressure sensitive vinyl, using white ink and four color process inks.

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