Recently, Mana Products, a leading cosmetic company, wanted to cover the walls of their new SOHO New York retail lab with compelling graphics. In order to call out to their customers in a unique and stylish way, we created custom wooden Shadow Boxes for them.

Using our oversized and computerized CNC router, we were able to create the Shadow Boxes exactly to the size and shape Mana had envisioned. Our state-of-the-art CNC router can cut wood, metal, sign foam and acrylic into the most intricate of pieces.  The advanced technology allows us the ability to cut up to 3 inches thick, producing the most stunning and detailed work.

After cutting and painting the fashionable Shadow Boxes, our team added the Magnetic Print System to the face of the items. The Magnetic Print System is made up of a permanent base and a printed full color magnetic receptor that can be easily taken on and off. This system allows the graphics to be removed within minutes and new graphics added as the marketing campaign evolves. The graphics can also be conveniently rolled up and stored, ready to be rolled out again for future events.

The Shadow Boxes added elegant dimensions to the look of the lab, and all were convinced that Mana offers style, taste and beauty.



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