Lipton Iced Tea and Amplitude Marketing were hitting the road on the Major League Baseball circuit. Enhance a Colour was lucky enough to be selected to be part of the team. We developed a display area that revved up excitement for a summer of baseball and Lipton. We produced a cool Lipton Batting Cage, a dynamic branded tent, a custom made rolling branded bar and cooler and tall eye-catching banners.

When the crowds stepped up to the fun batting cage display, they could really play ball. They were invited to hit a Velcro ball, which would fly and stick to the Lipton fabric outfield wall, scoring points and winning prizes. Alongside the amusing game stood the vibrant Lipton Branded Tent. Under the tent were rolling branded bar and coolers, offering delicious quenching samples. We are glad to announce that the entire event was an amazing home run.

In order to produce the rich fabrics that captured attention, we used our advanced technology of dye sublimation printing.  The Lipton logo and brand looked as tempting as the tea.  Even though the displays were very durable, they were easy to set up and take down and completely portable.  We even created custom road cases, in which everything except the bar could be stored.  Two complete sets of displays were created in just three weeks, and we are glad to broadcast that the entire traveling event was an amazing home run.

Down to Detail

  • We studied and transformed Lipton’s design sketches into the display
  • Details of the Lipton Branded Batting Cage:
    – 10′ D x 10′ W x 12′ H
    – The metal frame was set up with pop pins
    – We printed on Velcro and waterproof fabrics
    – Printed voile was produced for the ceiling
    – Printed clear flooring was produced to create the baseball diamond
    – Custom male Velcro baseballs were produced which could to attach to Velcro fabric
  • Also produced were: the 10×10 Lipton Branded Tent
    – Portable Sampling Bar
    – Road Case
    – 15ft Tall Fabric Flag Displays
    – Outdoor Pull Ups
  • All items durable and portable
  • Two complete sets were created in just three weeks

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