Now your show or event can take shape like never before, by displaying whole dimensions of custom scenic elements.  To produce these spectacular pieces, we print our vivid graphics on every surface you can imagine. We print right on aluminum, wood, Dibond, polycarbonate materials, vinyl adhesives, and then we die-cut the materials to the most intricate of shapes.

We have the ability to work with materials up to 60 inches by 120 inches, and can cut metal up to two inches thick. These new eye-catching scenic elements are durable enough to endure a very long run, and road ready for the traveling ensemble. To envision all we can create for your next performance, check out the shows that feature our latest scenic elements:

Honeymoon in Vegas
Enhance a Colour worked with Production Resource Group (PRG) to help produce several of the scenic elements that grab audience’s attention. The scenic artwork, designed by Anna Louizos, is brought to life by our captivating graphics, die-cut into the creative shapes of a Hard Rock Café guitar, a Martini Glass, a Cowgirl and a neon header display piece.

Berenstain Bears
To touch up the Tree House home, we worked with Capital Scenic. Last year, we teamed with Tom Carroll Scenery to produce the house and fun frame. For the new show, we were able to reproduce the dynamic child friendly graphics.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder
For this production, we worked with ShowMotion, Inc. (SMI), and produced the precisely cut three pigs shield. Designed by Alexander Dodge, this piece wins audiences by hamming it up on stage, proudly hanging behind the cast.

To create the magic, we worked with designer Keen Gat to help produce the custom Houdini displays. A total of 94 prints and images were created, never missing a trick to please the crowds.

Down to Detail
Honeymoon in Vegas:
For the Cowgirl and neon header display piece, we printed graphics directly to 1/2″ 5 ‘x 10’ Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) sheets. Then painted the top white, direct printed and cut to shape so that PRG could run the neon lights. For the Martini Glass, we printed backlit displays on the Lexan polycarbonate second surface, on 5 ‘x 10’ sheets. For the Hard Rock Display Guitar, we printed the perimeter on MDF, and then inlayed the Lexan into the guitar to make the display a dual material print.

Berenstain Bears: We printed direct to 1/4″ Sintra out of 5′ x 10′ sheets, and routed the work to the shape of the tree house.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder: For the three pigs shield we routed the shape of the crest out of 5′ x 10′ pieces, then SMI inserted the crest into a frame, and finally we wrapped the display with vinyl adhesive. Our team went to the theater to touch up the piece, including the Latin text.

Illusionarium: We cut the materials using our waterjet technology, and then we printed in four colors plus white directly onto the steel. Steel was the selected material due to fire safety purposes (sizes varied from 2″ x 3″ to 24″ x 30″). We then printed photographic c-prints and canvas prints both of which were  mounted to Sintra foam board. In total we created over 94 different prints and images, which were mounted to picture frames and hung within the show.

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