Recently, the design-build firm Bldgtype, envisioned redesigning an underutilized part of Riverside Park, New York. They wanted to transform the place into a fun and exciting Hippo House display space for parents and children to relax and play.  The Hippo House would feature dynamic textured wall cabinets and brightly colored graphics. The owner of the firm came to Enhance a Colour for assistance.

The display required creating custom graphics that printed directly to a green laminate material and mounted to birch wood. The child-friendly material had to be durable to touch, and the graphics needed to look vibrant. The entire pattern had to be perfectly lined up when installed. Previous attempts by other companies failed, due to adhesion, color and alignment issues.

Our advanced technology and years of expertise gave us the ability to produce just kind of Hippo House children would love.  With a combination of our state-of-the art CNC router, Oce flatbed printer and knowledgeable production staff, we were able to eliminate the problems, and achieve great results. We produced 30 panels in all that varied in size from 16″ W x 24″ H   to 30″ W x 80″ H. We routed the material first, and then printed using the most vivid UV inks, in four color plus white. In just eight days, the area was complete. The amazingly detailed grass and tree graphics created a fun and engaging environment where children could happily search for the Hippos – all rendered at life-size scale.

Down to Detail

  • We used our state-of-the art CNC router and Oce flatbed printer.
  • We routed first and then printed 4C+W+4C UV ink.
  • 30 panels were produced on provided material, that varied in size from 16″ W x 24″ H to 30″ W x 80″ H.
  • The installation aligned perfectly.
  • The vivid colors seem to pop off the walls, and were durable enough to last through child’s play.
  • The project was produced within 8 days.


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