Enhance a Colour has been creating bold graphics for display windows for years. From flagship stores, to big annual events to eye-catching pop-up environments, our displays entice crowds to gather in line.

This year we are proud to have been invited back again to do the Macy’s Holiday Windows. Working with Jessica Malone of the Spark Group, we created an entire new visual world through the glass.  We printed dynamic graphics on 3M vinyl adhesive materials, and produced a fun, full color, 3 dimensional city.  Our expert staff created and installed the magic in just a few shopping days, and the vibrant windows came to life.  Crowds are lining up outside the store day and night to view our display, a true marketing miracle on 34th street.

Enhance a Colour is also part of the team that created the window and in-store display for Niketown, helping promote the NYC Marathon.  Working with Tangram, we produced an entire three dimensional dramatic running environment.  To stage the scene, we created custom printed fabrics for the back wall.  Moving forward, next we printed eye-catching graphics on to 1 inch thick Ultraboard foam board, which we die-cut into lively 3D shapes.  Tangram brought in light fixtures to spotlight the graphics, and give the display a feeling of motion.  We sprinted to install the environment, so it would be ready to go in time for the big race.  Customers from all over the world ran in to Niketown, kicking their sales quite a distance.

Our tour de force creating dynamic window environments did not stop there.  We put our team in high gear, over at a Cannondale bike dealership.  We created bold graphics in racing colors with eye-catching detail, changing their empty windows into an energetic cycle speedway.

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