Huge Fabric Displays Dazzle Disney Fans
To stir up excitement for their 2013-2014 Season, Disney held an extraordinary Press Launch in New York City’s Grand Central Station.  For the first time ever, the station was transformed into a real Disney On Ice skating rink and interactive extravaganza.

Working with Feld Entertainment, we produced giant Disney On Ice fabric backdrops that captivated crowds. The main fabric display was an amazing 16 ft. high by 55 ft. wide, made using dye sublimation inks on Broadway fabric. To give the material even more added length and dimension, we produced two end pieces for either side of display, both 16 ft. high by 6 ft. wide. The stunning colors and fun, vivid details delighted audiences of all ages.

Alongside the fantasy backdrop, we created full color, three dimensional cutout figures of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, perfectly posed for photo opportunities. In just three days, we transformed Grand Central into a grand event. Folks were drawn to the dynamic display, and lined up to be a part of the Disney On Ice celebration.

Oversized Fabrics Go the Distance for Adidas
We have teamed with Adidas and Henry V Events for years, creating large fabric structures that are lightweight, portable, and easy to ship. Recently, we were called on to produce giant fabric displays and rental frames, that would help get Adidas fans get pumped at a big event in Chicago. We had to be fast on our feet, because we were given only three days to complete the project. Working day and night, we created two energetic fabric backdrops that reached 8 ft. high by 15 ft. wide, along with the custom frames to display the material. All was game ready right in time, and sports fans got psyched for Adidas when they saw the displays cool graphics and amazing photographic details.

Disney On Ice

  • Using our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise of dye-sublimation printing, the finished full-colored fabric is brighter and more detailed than ever thought possible.
  • In the process of dye-sublimation printing, the heated ink actually becomes part of the material, so it is fade resistant and easily cleaned.
  • The fabric backdrop was 16 ft. H by 55 ft. W
  • We created two additional end pieces that were 16 ft. H by 6 ft. W, to give the display added dimension.
  • In addition, two full color cutout figures were produced.
  • The work was completed in just three days.


  • We created two fabric backdrops, 8 ft. H by 15 ft. W.
  • We custom made two 96 in. H x 15 ft. W aluminum pop-pin frames.
  • Adidas was able to rent the frames from us, helping their budget.
  • Everything was completed and delivered in just 3 days.


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