The highest score for branding in 2014 so far goes to Sony, with its spectacular press event surrounding the launch of the new PlayStation 4. The event took place at New York City’s trendy Standard Hotel.  Staging the event was a game all its own. We had to transform the area into a dynamic environment for Sony – without touching the hotel walls.

Game on.  Luckily, the team at Enhance a Colour has years of expertise in creating custom Flexible Fabric Walls, large fabric walls that attach to frames. We are also as obsessed with technology as any gamer, and have the latest printing equipment to create huge, soaring graphics on a variety of materials in breathtaking detail.

For the product launch, we produced Fabric Walls in full color that would really pump up the fans. Acadia Scenic built the frames, and in just 5 days, the room came to life. The stunning walls featured images of the PlayStation 4, the game characters, and the PlayStation 4 logo, all in full color with amazing clarity. The press was captivated by the event, and the industry awed. We were glad to help Sony take their marketing to a whole new level.

Down to Detail
– We printed on Broadway Muslin and Transparent Voile fabrics.
– The Broadway Muslin prints measured 5.5 ft. wide by 11 ft. high.
– The Voile prints measured 8 ft. by 7 ft.
– The fabrics easily attached to the frames produced by Acadia Scenic.
– The entire project was turned around in just 5 business days.

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