Enhance a Colour created an entire custom traveling event from top to bottom, with displays that were as eye-catching as they were portable. Recently, Aquafina launched their new Liquid Enhancer beverage for the youth market. Their Mobile Tour was gearing up for the main attraction Spring/Summer in 2014. Aquafina and Amplitude Marketing envisioned a 360 degree interactive Candy Shop themed display, which would visit high schools during various music concerts.  We worked with them to turn their vision into reality.

We designed several pieces that would come together to make the mobile Candy Shop scene. First, we produced a portable hutch back wall, featuring shelving and circular tubes just like a candy store. Next we created a half moon shaped sampling station. Two stunning double sided fabric walls were produced, a huge 20 ft. high by 8 ft. wide. The fabrics graphics were printed in the most vibrant of colors, and three dimensional products hung from the material, popping up the fun.

To get the kids really involved in the event, we made two interactive stations, the Spin Art Station and the Photo Op Station. The Spin Art Station featured a curved table that contained a spinning machine, so visitors could tie dye their own Aquafina Frisbees.  Behind the machine, we created a wall prominently displaying the logo where Frisbees could dry. While their Frisbees were drying, teens were invited to check out the Photo Op Station. For the stations backdrop, we created 6 ft. wide by 8 ft. high triangular walls, displaying products in striking full color.

We also created the 30ft. by 20 ft. branded flooring, which pulled the entire event together from the ground up. As a finishing touch, we branded the coolers, which called out to the crowds to try the new product. All parts of the mobile tour were super portable, with wheels for the displays, and pop-pin frames for easy assembly.  The winter event was a hit with thirsty teens, and Aquafina is ready to roll cross country this spring.

Down to Detail:

Everything was designed with portability and ease of set up in mind.
–  The half moon table was made of three portable sections.
–  Two stunning double sided fabric walls were produced, a huge 20 ft. high by 8 ft. wide.
–  Two types of interactive stations were produced.
–  We created 6 ft. wide by 8 ft. high triangular walls for the photo station backdrop.
–  We also created the 30 ft. x 20 ft. branded flooring.
–  We branded all the coolers.
–  All units were portable with 4 in. steel wheels for easy movement.
–  To hang the fabrics, we custom built easy to setup pop pin frames.


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