Now there’s a way to get down to detail and distinctly display your brand with intricate custom cut acrylic shapes.  Our new Laser Jet can cut acrylic with precision into any shape you can envision.  To show you a little of what is possible, and that no two snowflakes are ever the same, we die-cut a series of snowflakes from ¼” acrylic, and professionally polished the edges.  These wintery flakes were produced in clear acrylic and white ink, but could easily have been printed in a wide array of colors. Depending on the need, we can use colored acrylic or print any color imaginable onto clear material.

Recently, Cannondale went down the exciting road of acrylic to make a winning impression.  They wanted a new logo display for their company’s headquarters, and we die-cut an acrylic piece into a detailed centerpiece.  The impressive sign spins interest to all who pass by, in 3 dimensional, vivid color.

Down to Detail

  • We offer customized die-cutting and printing.
  • The Cannondale logo was printed with a bright green and silver ink for the logo, and accompanying individual letters were cut out individually and mounted onto a dark acrylic background.
  • The Cannondale individual bike product logos were also depicted on the sign in their respective colors and logos.
  • Our Laser Jet can cut acrylic 60 inches wide by 120 inches long, and up to one inch thick.
  • Edges are polished during the precision cutting process.

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