Broadway Goes Black – And Every Other Color Imaginable. These days, theater backdrops are the stars of the show. The audience expects to be awed, demands to be impressed. Luckily with Dye-Sublimated Theater Backdrops from Enhance a Colour, they will not be disappointed.

With dye-sublimation printing by Enhance a Colour, the ink is applied directly to the fabric at a temperature of 400 degrees with intense pressure. The ink actually becomes part of the material. The finished piece is lush with the entire spectrum of colors, even pastels, and is brighter and more detailed than ever thought possible. Even black, which is almost impossible to create using traditional solvent methods, can be produced in the very richest of deepest dark.

The less innovative ways other companies produce backdrops is to print using solvent or UV ink which chip and crack over time. The colors tend to be lackluster, almost muddy in appearance. The heavy ink coverage can often scratch when folded. Not so with Dye-Sublimated Backdrops. Since the ink is part of the material, the backdrop can be machine washed, dried, folded, ironed, and steamed repeatedly without worry of fading. We also can print as huge as 16 ft. high by any length, with larger backdrops seamlessly sewn together to make the biggest impression.

We offer several different types of fabrics for you to choose from, like heavy weight Muslin Trevira and Broadway fabrics, see-through Voile, matte finish Poplin, shiny finish Crystal, and backlit Canvas. Each fabric can take center stage in its own unique way. Muslin Trevira have been used by set designers who wanted to add unique painting techniques to the printed fabric. See-through Viole or “scrims” have been selected to help reveal the scenes behind the scene. Our design team is ready to help you choose which will perform best for you.

Our Dye-Sublimated Theater Backdrops appear all over Broadway in shows like Book of Mormon, The Full Monty and Hairspray, and love to travel, staring in numerous road productions, always receiving acclaimed reviews.

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