Nintendo needed a unique and eye-catching sign display to announce the debut of their new Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze game.  The goal was to attract crowds and generate excitement for the gorilla and friends in their store at Rockefeller Center.  We were brought in on the branding adventure.  Working with designs created by Tangram Marketing, we produced a fun and very unusual 3 dimensional signage display.

Enhance a Colour has the expertise and technology to print on a variety of surfaces, like acrylic, wood, sign foam and more, like metal, granite, ceramic, stone, and glass.  We have the ability to print in the full spectrum of vivid colors, and the capacity and skills to cut the materials down to the most intricate of shapes.

In order to create the Donkey Kong sign, we used a combination of acrylic, wood, and translucent white acrylic materials.  We printed in vibrant colors on the top surface of the layered materials, as well as on the underlying surface.  Then we carefully laser cut each piece of the artwork.  Special acrylic glues were used to put the display together, and the 3 Dimensional sign came to life.  The playful custom sign wins over kids of all ages, and helps Nintendo create a buzz for their newest game.

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