Life is Good Coffee wanted to awaken new customers and get them to try their product.  Working with Market Reach, their goal was to create a dynamic display in Penn Station, New York City.  They envisioned a sampling booth that would draw crowds, with the hope of giving away 5,000 cups of the new brew.  Enhance a Colour was called on to assist.

The team at Enhance a Colour has years of expertise in producing large custom Fabric Walls, (material walls that attach to aluminum frame systems). We can create huge, soaring graphics on a variety of materials in vibrant colors and breathtaking detail. For Life is Good Coffee, we brewed up an eye-catching 16 ft. long by 13 ft. wide by 10 ft. high sampling booth with a hidden door on the back wall.

The walls of the display were made with dye-sublimated printed fabric, so the fade-resistant colors were richer than crowds had ever seen. We also designed the lightweight pop-pin frame system to hang the fabric. The display was made easy to assemble, and was quickly set up the same morning of the event. Commuters from all over Penn Station poured over the presentation, and the 5,000 cups of coffee were quickly consumed, giving a jolt to the morning commute and the “Life is Good Coffee” marketing campaign.

Down to Detail

  • A 16 ft. long by 13 ft. wide by 10 ft. high rectangular sampling booth was produced.
  • The fabrics walls were made using dye-sublimation printing, for rich, long lasting colors and vibrant details, that are machine washable and dryable.
  • We also designed the lightweight 2in. thick aluminum pop-pin frame system.
  • The frame was made so anyone could assemble it, and it was easily set up by the “Life is Good Coffee” team the morning of the event.


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