Manhattan College wanted to create a welcoming environment for new students on Acceptance Day. They envisioned transforming the campus into a celebratory space. And since we, at Enhance a Colour, are well studied in transforming campuses, we eagerly began our school assignment.

Enhance a Colour specializes in the production and installation of customized graphics and visual displays for educational organizations. Our advanced printing technology, combined with years of expertise, allows us to create the highest quality visually stunning work. From indoor and outdoor billboards, banners and more, we can display school pride all over campus.

For Manhattan College, we covered their Riverdale Campus with a variety of inspirational environmental graphic displays. Impressive archway banners in rich colors hung from entranceways, eye-catching building banners waved to the crowds, and festive fence banners and outdoor signage kept the excitement going.  We even took advantage of the construction barriers, converting the surfaces into impactful Manhattan College billboards. The campus was transformed into an Acceptance Day tribute, and we were glad to help make a smart impression on new students.

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