Recently, Mohawk Carpet envisioned transforming an empty Art Studio / Event Space (Shop Studios), that was formerly a parking garage, into a designer showcase. Working with the agency VP+C Partners, our Environmental Graphics team came up with a long list of solutions.

At Enhance a Colour, we specialize in creating 360 degree dynamic spaces utilizing all surfaces, including floors, ceilings, walls, windows and more. Our advanced technology allows us to produce clear stunning images and compelling visuals on a variety of surfaces. We also can digitally die-cut any material we print on, like wood, metal, sign foam and acrylic, creating graphics and displays like crowds have never seen before.

To create a one-of-a-kind Mohawk Carpet showroom, we started with the floor. We printed 700 feet of Marley Flooring, which stretched all the way from the windows to the far side of the room, and even up an 8 ft. high wall. The Marley Flooring was printed with rich UV inks, and top coated for added protection. Unlike a painted floor, the vibrant colors matched perfectly. Marley was a great choice for the event, since the stunning printed surfaces are extremely durable, and stand up well under heavy crowd traffic.

In order to ensure a grand entrance, we branded the industrial sized elevator walls, and made it so that in coming off the elevator, bold graphics announcing the Mohawk event flew in the faces of the designers. Around the space we used both two (2) dimensional cut vinyl and three (3) dimensional acrylic and painted wood lettering to announce the different Mohawk product areas that faced the meandering designers. As a finishing touch we used our Laser Cutter and Etcher to burn and engrave the name of a Mohawk product section on a distressed piece of wood that was mounted on a wall. Our environmental graphics team also handled the installation, and soon the once empty space became a memorable showcase.

Down to Detail

  • 700 ft. of printed Marley Flooring was produced
  • The Marley Flooring stretched all the way from the windows to the far side of the room, and up the wall
  • Unlike a painted floor, the printed vibrant colors match perfectly
  • Marley is extremely durable, and stand up well under heavy crowd traffic
  • The industrial sized elevator was branded
  • Both cut lettering and three dimensional lettering were created
  • The three dimensional letters were made from 1/4 inch Sintra
  • A laser die-cut wood piece was produced to be displayed on the wall
  • Our team handled the installation


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