Enhance a Colour would like to introduce Printed Velour as one of our new printable fabrics in our arsenal of services.

One of the biggest requests lately in the scenic industry is to get custom and vibrant images onto velour. However, the main problem when it came to printing on the fabric is that the color be weak in its saturation and the ink would begin to flake off. In addition, usually ink would sit on top and could see the white of the fibers. This was all caused due to the extreme thickness of the nap.

Recently, Enhance a Colour dedicated time and R&D to remove these flaws and through the process of dye-sublimation printing, we can now produce stunning colors, pattern, and designs meeting the desires of our end client.

Our process involves printing on the downside of the nap, while still retaining the desired texture. If the velour is rubbed to view the upside of the nap, the rich and vivid colors still boldly show. Since the ink becomes one with the velour, the curtain is extremely durable. This causes the ink not to flake with no need of touch up and can be cleaned with soap and water with out effecting the image. This makes our velour prints great for the traveling show and long running productions.

We offer both 13 oz. and 20 oz. fabrics, in 50 in. width for printing. Turn around times are 2-3 business weeks depending on the size or sewing but we produce a great product that would look great for your flat wraps and or your next curtain. Please consider us when designing for your next show.

(Enhance A Colour would like to thank PRG and I-Weiss for working with us on the last velour project as well as Orit Carrol and Scott Pask for Design)


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