Enhance a Colour, in collaboration with New York City-based Advanced Chemical Solutions LLC – a technology development company, introduces Fabachrome™ Custom Fabric Printing, a revolutionary digital textile printing technology that enables direct sublimation printing onto any natural fabric

Fabachrome™ has already been utilized to generate a broad variety of home furnishing items. Fabachrome™ appeals to architects and hospitality design firms wishing to realize unique custom color-coordinated effects across the entire portfolio of interior decorative products. Interior designers now have an eco-friendly option for short-run custom fabric production, here in the United States. The Fabachrome™ sublimation process enables digital printing on all natural, biodegradable, non-polyester substrates. Fabachrome™ sublimation prints are ideal for photorealistic images because of their very high resolution.

Enhance a Colour uses the Fabachrome™ process to print on cotton and many other natural fabrics. This advanced sublimation printing technology eliminates those toxic chemical processes associated with conventional acid and reactive ink printing operations, simultaneously reducing water and energy consumption. The Fabachrome™ waterless textile printing process is the first steamless, multi-functional digital fabric printing and finishing technology that eliminates the discharge of dyes and other harmful fabric pretreatment chemicals into waste streams, while also preventing the generation of greenhouse gases, unlike reactive ink printing that employs harmful constituents, such as urea. The patented Fabachrome™process accelerates the development of more sustainable materials and manufacturing methods across the entire textile supply chain, as apparel, home textile, and hospitality brands embrace greener products. Using high resolution, wide-format digital textile printers, we have established the first sustainable fabric print production capability, here in the United States. And because the non-toxic sublimated dyes are permanently infused within the fibers of any natural fabric, Fabachrome™ digitally printed fabrics exhibit excellent rub-resistance and exceptional washfastness. Products printed with Fabachrome™ resonate with eco-conscious consumers seeking high quality, durable fabrics from brands that utilize safe materials and that conform to sustainable manufacturing methods. The elimination of water and energy intensive operations, using non-toxic water-based inks, offers a compelling alternative to any other printing method. And it’s MADE IN AMERICA.

Fabachrome™ in collaboration with Enhance a Colour will allow us to offer our clients custom printed fabrics on all natural materials, such as cotton, linen and silk, for a diverse range of applications, like personalized fitted fabric coverings for chairs and benches; interior seating for restaurants and hotels; fabric wall coverings; pillows; lampshades; bedding, clothing and many other decorative applications.

Using the Fabachrome™ process, Enhance a Colour now offers our clients custom printed fabrics all-natural materials, such as cotton, linen and silk. This opens up a diverse range of applications for our customers to create spectacular designs such as:

  • Personalized, fitted fabric coverings for chairs and benches
  • Interior seating motifs for restaurants and hotels
  • Dazzling fabric wall coverings
  • Custom coordinated pillows, lampshades, bedding, draperies
  • Customized fabrics for clothing

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