For meetings and events, in addition to banners and other types of signage used to brand and promote awareness, the floor is a great and unique opportunity to expand your company’s reach. However, the challenges with this type of visual is how to get the image on location, with a quick setup time and yet make it durable enough to withstand people, vehicles and cart traffic.

Painting has always been an option for floors, but the time to paint and dry in time for an event does not work within the 24 hour set-up window for most meetings and events. Pressure sensitive adhesive vinyl is also an option but the seams are every 48 in. apart and durability to weather, vehicles and cart traffic is also an issue.

Enhance a Colour’s solution is our Clear Vinyl Flooring, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. It comes in 10 ft. by up to 50 ft. sections and is printed from the bottom side (2nd Surface). This Flooring Product allows for durability and quick installation using carpet or two sided tape for the install within a 24 hour setup window. Our clear vinyl flooring gives you the ability to put it down and roll it up, event after event.

PRG (Production Resource Group) reached out to Enhance a Colour to help them with a flooring problem. They needed two 40 ft. by 40 ft. circular floorings for stage events in Chicago and Atlantic City for Herbalife’s Corporate Meetings. We produced the stages in 4 horizontal sections hiding the seams and printed direct to our Clear Vinyl Flooring using UV 4 color inks and Opaque White Ink to the second surface. After trimming to the final size we packed the flooring for shipment in specially made carry bags.  Installation was simple and successful for PRG for the Herbalife Chicago Corporate Meeting and we are awaiting pictures from the Atlantic City Event.

Have an event in the future and want something unique and different. Call us for a floor branding opportunity.

Contact Jim O’Connor or Jodi Taubl at 1-800-894-0264.

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