Last winter was a great time for New York. The Super Bowl finally arrived back in the northeast. To help promote and enjoy the event, New York City transformed Broadway and Times Square into Super Bowl BLVD. To kick off the big event, several structures created were the Fox Sports broadcast booth and the Roman Numeral display. Enhance a Colour was brought in to act as visual/graphic support for Production Resource Group to help produce these two structures:

Fox Sports broadcast booth

PRG was charged with producing a three story high temporary building that would hold and broadcast the news/sports commentators, prior and during the Super Bowl. They came up with a steel structure that contained three levels. The basement being the Pepsi green room, the middle being the news cast area and the top being a miniature football field. The entire structure needed to be covered in stunning graphics, which would both promote branding and protect all of the broadcast equipment. This is where Enhance a Colour stepped in.

a.) Outside Covering– Enhance a Colour created several panels that were 40 ft. W x 40 ft. H to cover most of the sides as well as smaller panels to cover wooden flats. This was designed to look like concrete. In addition, Enhance a Colour printed images of the Fox Sports and their mascot across the bottom. To cover the wooden flats and remainder of the structure, Enhance A Colour printed on 16 ft. wide panels of 16 oz. vinyl.

b.) Pepsi Green Room– Enhance a Colour provided printed carpeting for the floor, printed and installed vinyl adhesive to help brand the walls and created dimensional cut outs of Pepsi product to hang on the walls

c.) TV Station Room– Enhance a Colour created the dimensional lettering and curves of the Fox Sports logo. We wrapped them with vinyl adhesive and helped PRG install them onto their flats.

d.) Upper Area- Enhance a Colour printed vinyl mesh scrim for the Fox Sports logos on the top of the structure. Mesh needed to be used due to the high winds at that elevation in Times Square, while still protecting the brand and promoting a presence on the BLVD.

Roman Numerals

PRG also worked on the Roman Numeral stage, which kicked off the festivities the week prior to the Super Bowl. They created a stage/booth for the numerals and the LED numerals themselves. Enhance a Colour was brought in to cover the entire stage and booth with branding. Instead of vinyl and vinyl adhesive, Enhance a Colour utilized our waterproof fabric called Waterfall. It is designed for outdoor use while easy for installers to wrap around wooden flats and structures with out having wrinkles. Since it is dye-sub, they were able to get the vibrant colors that they wanted to achieve. The booth itself was 50 ft. W x 14 ft. H and printed in panels to allow easy transport between PRG’s New Windsor location and the installation on the BLVD.


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