“Finding Neverland”, the musical story that depicts the real-life relationship between playwright J. M. Barrie and the family that inspired Peter Pan, one of the most beloved stories of all time was performed from August 16th to September 28th at the American Repertory Theater in Boston, MA. The show was directed by Diane Paulus and scenic design was done by Scott Pask and Orit Jacoby Carroll.

At the request of the designers, Enhance a Colour was brought in to work with several scenic shops (I-Weiss, PRG and the theater’s internal scenic shop) to help produce several visuals for the show.  These visuals included:

  • A Show Curtain that was 24’3” wide by 24’ high with overlapping panels of 13 ounce velour.
  • Seamless Hanger Drops that were 22’ wide by 16’ high and Flat Wraps that were 31’ wide by 16’ high printed on Broadway and Voile IFR fabrics.
  • Dimensional Flower Props in multiple sizes that EaC created by printing the flower images to our Grade C carpet that was heavy enough to give it the weight it needed while giving it enough stability for dimension.

With Enhance a Colour’s ability to print 4 color dye-sub and then laser cut, we were able to bring custom vibrant images to an array of materials such as Velour, Broadway Muslin, Voile and other fabrics along with carpeting and then use them to help bring the designers vision to the finished product.

All the involved scenic shops and designers were very pleased with the finished products and Enhance a Colour’s ability to help solve problems to create the custom visuals for their show.

For your next show or if you’re running into a difficulty, please do not hesitate to give Enhance a Colour a call.

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