Nobody knows show business better than Enhance a Colour.  We understand that you are continually looking for new ways to impress crowds and audiences, and we can help you.
Our crowd pleasing back backdrops and theater curtains are already stars of the stage, appearing all over Broadway — Book of Mormon, The Nance, Newsies, Spider-Man & more. Our enormous, seamless theater backdrops are one example of all we can accomplish.  Using the capabilities of dye-sublimation printing, we are able to print up to an amazing 16 feet high by 100 feet in length. We are also the experts in Custom Printed Fabrics, like Velour and Broadway, featured on stage as permanent theater drapes and specially made fabric scenery.  We can dye the fabric in any color you desire, and even embed imagery in the material, giving your audience a memorable visual experience.

We work as part of a team, and enjoy the creative collaboration with scenic designers and production companies. We understand that time is money, and pride ourselves in producing customized scenes inhouse, within budget and right on time.


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