Earlier this year, Production Resource Group (PRG), a scenic services company for theater, TV and film, contacted Enhance a Colour (EaC) to help with specific set design challenges for the “On The Town” broadway production.

Award-winning set designer Beowulf Borri was seeking very particular colors and hues for his set, and specified the need for a certain blue color to have a “solid” appearance; he was looking for the visuals to have a “painted” effect, rather than a printed one.

Because of an extremely short production time, as well as the need for complete pattern consistency to achieve this certain look, EaC decided to manufacture the set pieces from 3/8” translucent Lexan. To to accomplish the “painted” look, EaC’s creative department electronically scanned an actual paint sample and converted that into a 10 ft. W x 10 ft. H print file; this method achieved the consistency of the pattern but did not look as if the piece had been “printed.”

After demonstrating that EaC could create the custom effects that the designer wanted, we continued working with the PRG drafting department to create all print production files for the show. We then printed direct to the back of the supplied lexan and used a CNC router to cut, bevel and countersink the custom shapes, all made from 4 ft. x 8 ft. and 5 ft. x 10 ft. lexan sheets:
• Five 20 ft. H and 40 ft. W stage “portals”
• Two 40 ft. W x 20 ft. H “hangers,” custom die-cut in the shapes of New York and Coney Island
• Custom laser-cut designs in the shape of chandeliers, palm trees and diamonds

EaC also provided white cut lettering for curtain signage in the “Navy yard” scene as well as hanging signs.

As you can see, if something can be painted – but there’s no time in your schedule to do that – it can be printed instead.

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