Challenge: Dye-sublimated, printed 16 ft. seamless fabric from Enhance a Colour (EaC) is your answer. Recently, EaC was contacted by Loran Associates of NJ to help them with a similar problem for Merkury Innovations. Instead of building wooden and metal display flats that are extremely costly in setup, weight and shipping; they wanted to create their walls out of fabric and Silicon Edge Gasket (SEG) framing. However, they wanted the fabric to be seamless.

Solution: With their framing being 24 ft. w x 16 ft. h, Loran reached out to EaC to help. Within two weeks time, EaC did proofing, framing-setup, printing, sewing and produced graphics for the following:

a.) Two – 24 ft. w x 16 ft. h fabric displays consisting of 16 ft. seamless fabric prints on the front with black fabric on the back and SEG framing.
b.) Four – 8 ft. x 8 ft. fabric prints for an existing cube display.
c.) Six – 16 ft. w x 10 ft. h fabric prints for other walls throughout the booth.

The show was a success for Loran. They were able to create large-scale displays that were vibrant and seamless, but also lightweight and easy to ship. If you would like to have the same success, please call Enhance a Colour for your next tradeshow.


Date: December, 2014  |  Job #: 25560 and 25599  |  Client: Loran Associates |  Secondary: Merkury  |  Location: CES 2015 Las Vegas, Nevada

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