Challenge: Two large dye-sub printed fabric backdrops and several laser cut three-dimensional letters and logos, within very tight timeframe.

Solution: With just four days before the event, EaC produced a 28 ft. x 20 ft.backdrop (sewn with only one nearly invisible vertical seam), as well as an 11 ft. W x 22 ft. H seamless solid coordinating fabric backdrop. EaC also laser cut ½” thick dimensional letters and logos from ½ in. thick Birch plywood, spray painted them gold and pinned them for mounting. All pieces were shipped to the Miami hotel on January 15th, with enough time left for installation before the event.


Date: January, 2015  |  Job #: 25817  |  Client: Harry Winston |  Secondary: N/A  |  Location: Mandarin Hotel, Miami Beach Florida

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