Challenge: This challenge was to transform a brand new, plain vanilla, Fertility Healthcare Facility in Farmington, CT that deals with stress on a daily basis into a place of hope, love and care.

Solution: Working with design agency Williams and House of Avon, CT, Enhance a Colour (EaC) was contracted to create wall coverings and window coverings that create a sense of calmness and hope throughout this new facility. EaC choose Dreamscapes Terralon wall covering for its eco-friendly aspects and the fact that it is 31% post consumer recycled content, click here for product specifics. The long list of the environmentally friendly features of this product contributes to several LEED credits. We were able to print on the Terralon wall covering with aqueous based inks and applied Dreamscapes DreamGuard Protex 3 for an added layer of protection. In total, EaC printed and installed over 1,000 sq. ft. of Terralon Wall Coverings in various spots throughout the new facility.

In addition, to create more privacy, EaC installed 3M’s Sagano Fasara distinctive glass film to doors and windows throughout the two floors of the facility to give them an etched glass look while at a fraction of the cost of real etched glass.

EaC’s specialists handled all of the installation of the Wall Coverings and the Etched Glass Films, once again creating a one-stop-shop with one-stop-service for Williams and House.


Date: December, 2014  |  Job #: 25695  |  Client: Williams House  |  Secondary: Center for Advanced Reproductive Fertility Services  |  Location: Farmington, CT

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