Challenge:To create a 32 foot wide by 9′ 6″ high Fabric Pop-Pin display with a dye-sublimated Printed Fabric Backdrop that is attached to a 2″ thick Aluminum Pop-Pin Frame System, that uses only an Allen key for setup and dismantling. Into this 32 foot wide frame system we created a 10’8″ wide by 6 foot high window for a TV monitor that stood right behind our fabric and frame system.

Solution: Enhance a Colour’s full service visual solutions team broke the job into different pieces and created the Pop-Pin Frame System first; made up of a 2″ aluminum frame system to a height of 9′ 6″ by 32 feet wide using vertical uprights, horizontal crossbeams, waterjet cut steel bases and welded pop-pin fittings for the complete frame system. The only tool needed for install and take down is an Allen Key for the steel bases.

Enhance a Colour’s Dye-sub Fabric Print Team created the seamless fabric skin by dye-sub printing a 10′ 4″ fabric by 33 ‘ long leaving extra for wrapping the Aluminum Frame System. Enhance a Colour’s Sewing Department fitted the fabric to the frame and attached it to the frame by sewing Female Velcro to the fabric and pop welding the Male Velcro to the back of the frame system including the spot for the video monitor at 10’ 8″ wide by 6 foot high. When the Frame system was taken apart the longest piece was five foot long and the complete system fit in two carry bags for the frame and one carry beg for the bases and the fabric skin.


Date: Febuary, 2015  |  Job #: 25946  |  Client: Henry V Events  |  Secondary: Daimler  |  Location: New York, NY


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