Challenge: The Challenge is each time JetBlue Airways announces the opening of a new partnership with a New location or announces an affiliation with another Air Carrier running a different route schedule, JetBlue commissions a customized piece of Artwork Celebrating the New Relationship. From the Artwork is created custom printed framed canvases usually in three different sizes along with 8 1/2″ by 11″ sell sheets announcing the new relationship. The challenge is the turnaround time with Enhance a Colour most times having about 5 to 7 days to get everything done.

Solution: The same artist has been doing the paintings and colored chalk artwork for JetBlue over the past 10 years. Once the art is created Enhance a Colour’s responsibility is to get the hi-res artwork scanned, color corrected, proofs sent to JetBlue for approval, and to create what is needed for the launch of a new Destination site or an affiliation with another carrier. The items typically needed are two to five 30″ by 40″ custom printed art canvases that are then wrapped to wooden stretcher frames. These art frames are then framed with Black Metal Frames. Depending on what else is needed Enhance a Colour will do 5 to 15, reduced size canvases for dedication framed prints and up to 500 C-prints as 8″ by 10″ anniversary sheets.


Date: February, 2015  |  Job #: 25926  |  Client: JetBlue Airways  |  Secondary: N/A  |  Location: Long Island City, NY


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