Enhance a Colour produces digital dye-sublimation printed carpets in stunning color and vibrant detail.  Our custom carpets are printed in full color, from any electronic image.  Our advanced technology and expertise allow us to print a large 10 ft. by 65 ft., in any unique shape you request.

Enhance a Colour printed carpets are a great way to roll out your brand image.  We have covered trade shows and events for some of the biggest names in the industry.  Our carpeting also transforms corporate offices, museums, and consumer spaces across the country.

Our carpet colors are actually transferred into the fibers of the carpet using extreme heat and pressure during printing, which means they can be machine washed and steam cleaned and still look amazing. They also last even in heavily crowded areas. There are three grades of dye-sublimated carpeting for you to choose from. All can be produced in the full color spectrum and can be shampooed and steam cleaned.

  • Promo Grade Carpet with a Rubberized Back – This grade of carpet perfect for trade shows and short-term event work.  An 8 ounce carpet with a rubberized back is good for 30 days of usage.
  • Trade Show & Event Carpet – This carpet is great for trade shows and events that are longer running.  This short pile carpet can be used with or without a pad. It resembles an indoor/outdoor industrial grade carpet, and a 10 ounce carpet is good for one year of usage.
  • Ultra Carpet – This thicker carpet with jute backing is good for 5 plus years. It was designed to be used in corporate settings, museums, educational institution, retail spaces and anywhere that requires the carpet to be used over time.  A 30 ounce carpet is recommended for long-term usage.

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