Challenge:The Challenge was & is to give the Heraeus Kulzer Sales Force the correct tools they need to promote their Dental Supply Business and go to Sales Meetings, Trade Shows, State Conventions and Dentist Continuing Ed. Sessions around the country without loading them down with heavy & bulky cumbersome graphics and cases. A number of years ago after a period of trial and error, Enhance a Colour came up with using Retractable Banner Stands for the Sales Force. The Banner stands are light in weight, very durable and come with their own travel cases. They can be used as a standalone unit or teamed up with two or three units put together to create a meeting or trade show space. The existing graphics can be swapped for newer graphics and the banner stands reused.

Solution: For the past ten years Enhance a Colour has been handling the needs of the Heraeus Kulzer sales force all around the country. We print to a material called Hydrosol using HP’s patented environmentally friendly, Latex Inks and when the printed inks are totally dry, the Hydrosol material hardens to the image printed to it and it becomes scratch resistant. Another advantage to the Hydrosol material is that it does not roll like other materials. Ever seen a retractable banner stand with either a vinyl or the wrong fabric and the edges are trying to fold in. Not a pretty picture. Retractable Banner Stands on average weigh less than 20 pounds, come in a variety of sizes from 24″ wide to 48″ and even on occasion 60″ and can be set up from 80″ to 96″ in height to promote the message.


Date: February, 2015  |  Job #: 25932  |  Client: Heraeus Kulzer  |  Secondary: N/A  |  Location: South Bend, Indiana

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