Challenge: To make an Oval Looking Carpet that the Hyundai Car of the Month could sit on or be versatile enough to interchange two different cars in a single month.

Solution: To create a carpet big enough to accommodate a 22 ft. long by 10 ft. 4 in. wide oval as a single piece carpet with a fabric edging all around the perimeter and could be used over and over.

The advantage to the Enhance a Colour Dye-sublimated Printed Carpet is that in our “Trade Show” grade carpet, it can be made 10 ft. 4 in. wide, by any length, and it is machine steam cleanable or shampoo-able if it should get dirty, with no adverse effect to the image on the carpet. We dye-sub printed the carpet at slightly larger than 22 ft. long by 10 ft.4 in. wide, trimmed it to the oval shape required and then put a fabric edging all around the outer perimeter. Once finished the carpet was rolled image out, poly-bagged and inserted into a tube for shipping to the West Coast.

The added value to the client is a carpet that can be used repeatedly to promote Tucson Hyundai’s Car of the Month or even Car of the Week, however, the Dealer Management sees fit to use it.


Date: April, 2015  |  Job #: 26196  |  Client: Brand Society  |  Secondary:Tucson Hyundai  |  Location: Tucson, CA

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