Challenge: Every year, in April, Manhattan College promotes the teachings of its Lasallian Catholic identity as it asks it students, to think, imagine and to build a good life: a life of meaning, purpose and service to their fellow human beings. The event creates awareness using all types of visuals including interior signage and outdoor signage across the upper campus, the new student center, and the seven to eight block lower campus. For more information go to the Manhattan College website.

Solution: Enhance a Colour created signage for the Upper Campus Quad with UV full color printed Sintra panels that are 48″ by 96″ high, two sided and are attached to custom created outdoor aluminum frames for the middle of the quad. Near the new Student Center which has become a focal point to the campus we created six new signs that were 24″ by 48″ in size and attached these to outdoor frames. We placed them near the entrances to the building and along the walkway to the upper and lower campuses. On the lower campus, due to the nature of the area, we attached full color 18 ounce vinyl banners to the facades of the buildings to reaffirm the message every day. The install, the takedown and the storage of the materials until next year is done in Enhance a Colour’s new 130,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Danbury CT.


Date: March, 2015  |  Job #: 26082  |  Client: Manhattan College  |  Secondary:N/A  |  Location: Riverdale, NY

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