Separate & maximize useable space with mesh vinyl and mesh fabric materials. The example using mesh below comes from working with the McGinty Company at the Denver Art Museum. Enhance a Colour printed on both sides of a single piece of material to create room dividers 12′ high by 13′ wide.

Mesh comes in two types of material. Vinyl Mesh and Fabric Mesh.

Vinyl Mesh comes in widths of 54 inches up to 196 inches wide. It is available with 3 different holes sizes comparing the % of vinyl to the % of open air in the material manufacture. Vinyl Mesh can be printed with both Solvent and UV inks.

• 30% vinyl to 70% air – This is known as speaker mesh. It is used on sides of buildings in big cities, at concert venues and stadiums.

• 70% vinyl to 30% air. This is the exact opposite to Speaker Mesh. This material has considerably more white surface (70%) and allows for brighter colors. It is used on fences, theater productions, and point of purchase displays.

• 75% vinyl to 25% air. This mesh material is used in advertising and promotions, where the banners type and color is more critical, but a vinyl mesh material has to be used.

Fabric Mesh is similar in look to Vinyl Mesh at 70% white material to 30% air or openness, but has no vinyl composition in it. Fabric Mesh can be printed using dye sublimated printing technology for the best color gamut and feel. It can also be machine washed, if it should get dirty, with no long term effect on the material. Solvent and UV ink technology can also be used. Fabric Mesh is used in advertising and promotion. It is also sometimes referred to as fence mesh.

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