Challenge: Working with Henry V Events and Adidas the challenge was to make a branded booth that covers their batting cage allowing customers to try out the new Adidas line RBZ baseball bats, making it interactive as well.

Solution: Enhance a Colour used our two in. pop pin framing system to create a customized 11 ft. high by 35 ft. deep by 16 ft. wide display covering the batting cage. The unusual shape and required pipe bending and imagination. See the images below. In addition we created a baseball bat out of aluminum and fabric and then connected iPad so folks could order the bat of their desire as they came out of the batting cage. Thus product was moved and emails of interested customers were collected. The Enhance a Colour install team traveled to Nebraska for the install at the FanFest for the College World Series.

Date: May 2015 |  Client: Henry V Events  |  Secondary: Adidas |  Location: Omaha, NE

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