Winter started off with a bang at the Reebok/NHL flagship store in New York City.

Enhance a Colour along with Taxi-NYC produced a window display for the Winter Classic battle between the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens.
For this season’s window we UV printed directly to five 5ft. x 10ft. sheets of 1/2 inch sintra and mounted them to a custom built aluminum frame to make a 23ft. x 9ft. wall.
We then affixed eleven 3M posters directly to the wall to give it an edgy look and feel. The flooring was UV printed to lo-tak vinyl adhesive.

For the three windows we UV printed 4 color, white 4 color to clear 4ml polyester window material giving it sharp detail during the day and evening.
Everything was installed by EaC’s staff of 3M-certified professional installers.

Challenge: To help create a visual display that brings the look and feel of the Winter Classic to the NHL’s flagship store in New York City.

Solution: Using aluminum framing to support a 26ft. x 8 ft. direct print sintra wall to look like concrete.
We then affixed eleven 3M vinyl posters directly to the sintra wall to give it a rugged look. The floor was covered with walk and wall material, artifical snow, ice and hockey pucks. Each of the three windows graphics were UV printed 4 color than white than 4 color again to create sharp detail and vivid color.
All the windows were butt seamed to give it a clean look.

Date: December 2015  |  Job #: 27219  |  Client: Reebok/NHL  |  Location: New York, NY

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