Challenge: To display images of current athletes in present-day uniforms, which is a seasonally and annually fluctuating issue while keeping the cost of updating under control.

Solution: The Western Connecticut Athletic Department sought to create a tribute wall outside of the Athletic Director’s office to attract new students during recruiting. They wanted to turn a blank wall into an ever-changing but sustainable graphic that would display photos of players from each sport offered at the school and images of the athletic fields and arenas.

The magnetic base was installed and then layered with the static custom printed background. Flexible magnetic sheets were printed with the images of the athletes and fields and die cut to size. The Athletic Director then got to layer and overlap the images as he saw fit.

Creating custom writable surfaces is also an option with our magnetic materials with removable whiteboard or chalkboard layers.


Date: January 2016  |  Job #: 27121  |  Client: Western Connecticut State University  |  Location: Danbury, CT

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