Challenge: One of the biggest challenges with hosting an event in a conference center is the inability to brand the walls due to hotel regulations. Consequently, people feel boxed in with how they can effectively customize their event because of the limitations on graphics. Enhance a Colour offers the ability to produce temporary displays that can completely transform the total environment. With the ability to print on fabric, provide custom framing and print on carpet, we can bring your concept to life and create the custom experience you’re looking for.

Solution: The client envisioned 18 ft. high sports stadium seating lining the walls of the ballroom. Edward Pierce and Proscenium Events brought Enhance a Colour in because of our ability to print up to 16 ft. high seamless backdrops. The fabric backdrops were printed to look like fan filled stadium seats that hung from rental trusses that did not touch the walls but effectively covered them with event enhancing visuals. Pre-production, reduced prints and crops sent to the client for approval of the PMS color and print quality ensured accuracy of the order.

Enhance a Colour also has the ability to print on carpet. Attendees walked into the event feeling like star athletes emerging into the center of the stadium on custom EaC printed end zone carpets. Using EaC rubberized carpet allowed the event to be on budget and on time.

A wooden crate was assembled and all of the event visuals were packed neatly with labels on each piece. Communicore, the installation company, disassembled the crate to install the graphics and were extremely happy with the ease of use and how they received the shipment.

Overall the designer, client and end client realized their vision with the help of EaC.


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