The American Country Music Awards wanted striking overhead visual /graphics for their upcoming award show and Enhance a Colour was the only one for the job. Three custom printed 33 ft. wide by 15 ft. high seamless backdrops were created out of our triple white fabric. The benefit of using a triple white fabric is that the printed backdrop can be mounted directly to a structure without requiring a blocker layer to be sewn in behind it. Most times when a separate blockout layer is sewn behind a printed backdrop it creates a loose, baggy effect.

Another challenge Enhance a Colour faced with this project was creating an etched glass effect for the sides of the stairways leading up to the presentation area. Tests were done with our laser die-cutter using different samples of frosted vinyls and acrylics. In the end a frosted cut lettering vinyl with adhesive was used to create the effect desired. These were then attached to the stage side rails created by the Production Resource Group (PRG).

All in all the ACM awards show was a success and the visuals were enjoyed by everyone who attended.

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