Lafayette wanted to brand their strength center to unify their universities teams. Enhance a Colour did an on site visit to see what substrates would work best for the different materials the graphics would be adhered to to achieve the full branded environment they had envisioned.

The concrete block outer walls were decorated with sintra that was directly printed and custom router cut for all 15 team logos and the custom Maroon Club Strength Center letters. The larger than life Lafayette leopard was printed to 3M Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Vinyl and adhered to the wall. The window graphics for the doors & office were printed using “Clear” perforated window material. The “Clear” material let the offices inhabitants see out, but not in.

For the variable signage we used dye-sublimated printed fabrics with SEG gaskets for easy interchangeability in the future. All the graphics in the newly branded space were installed by EaC’s installation team.


Date: June 2015 | Job #: 26462 | Client: Lafayete College | Location: Easton, PA


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