Event Resources is known for thinking outside the box when they create an event so we knew this one was going to be totally cool. David and Tanya wanted to create an atmosphere with visuals and signage that would get advertisers excited about Playboy’s Digital New Fronts debut in true Playboy fashion.
The first challenge was where they wanted the visuals to go. The venue had some strict restrictions on wall and floor graphics so we had to come up with solutions that were acceptable to the venue first then move on to what type of materials for the visuals. We then did site visits and tests with materials affixed to the various walls and stairs to guarantee there would be no surprises on installation.

Wow… This project was so cool, where to begin? To guarantee all the elements fit correctly our installers did a site visit to take measurements and inspect the floors and walls so they could recommend the best materials to use. Our creative team took direction from the client to build all the elements, as this was quicker since we had all the measurements up front and we could custom fit all the elements. On installation day we started with UV printed frosted window graphics that were translucent and covered the all the outside windows covering an area of 25ft wide x 18ft high. Once guests entered the venue on the right was 3ft. high die-cut lettering made from lo-tak vinyl adhesive. The overall size of this graphic was 33ft long by 9ft high. As guests made their way down the stairs to the right was an impossible to miss 24ft wide lenticular wall that was made from 24 coroplast triangles that were 8ft tall. Each column was wrapped in UV printed vinyl adhesive with a different image on both sides. Each triangle was affixed to the concrete wall 2ft off the floor so when guests walked by, the image changed. When they walked back up the stairs they were greeted with a thank you in typical Playboy fashion with floor graphics affixed to each of the stairs 25 risers.


Date: May 2016 | Job #: 27772 | Client: Event Resources, Inc. | Location: New York City


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