Jet bridge Gate #16 is a fixed Gate, with a Flat Entry Profile with a straight entrance, and a left turn at the end of the jet bridge going toward the plane. The prototype jet bridge had a two part magnetic system with a Permanent Magnetic Adhesive Vinyl Layer nearest the wall (Bottom Layer) and a printable top layer which can be removed, rolled up for use at a later time and replaced with a new printed top layer.

The left jet bridge wall is 212″ long by 72″ high and the right wall is 284″ long by 72″ high. The images on the walls promoted the advantage of a Jetblue credit card, their vacation services available as a member of the Jetblue Club, and some of the warmer destinations that Jetblue travels to. The right wall was done in English the left was done in Spanish.


Date: 2015 | Client: JetBlue Airways | Secondary: N/A | Location: New York, NY


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