Working as a business partner with Czinkota Studios to create and produce artwork for a new exhibition, Enhance a Colour had the opportunity to work on two entire floors for Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in NYC.

Following the direction of George Czinkota, our design team replicated wallpaper patterns for floor one and created a New York City skyline for the second floor. The walls were designed to replicate and promote the new Ghostbusters Movie Exhibition on 42nd Street.

The wall coverings were created using environmentally friendly, latex, odorless inks with a clear over-laminate printed directly to dreamscape’s textured wall covering with an adhesive backing. EaC’s installation team put everything in place a week before the event.


Job Number: 27456 | Date: 2015 | Client: Czinkota Studios | Secondary: Madame Tous and Wax Museum | Location: New York, NY


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