Dave Lawson and Esme Jackson, of Acadia Scenic, approached Enhance a Colour with a show stopping project to be done in 3 weeks. Working with designers Joe Celli and Gary Kroytor we produced forty-six 3 ft. x 13 ft. 10 in. panels. Forty-two of the panels accompanied the white carpet as a step and repeat backdrop, the other 4 were used on the main stage. The pieces were custom cut on the router to fit. Two-hundred-fifty ¾ in. squares were cut with the MTV logo on white ultraboard and rectangles were cut to read “MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS”. Using opaque marley, a 41 ft. x 20 ft. deck was printed using 4 color with a glossy lamination for the outdoor pre show stage. Dimensional lettering was created for the interview area with a 4 in. thick MTV logo 48 in. wide by 36 in. high out of sign foam and mounted to 1/4 in. lexan. Two sets of letters “MTV NYC VMA”, each 18 in. high, were produced out of 2 in. sign foam and mounted to 1/2 in. plywood and painted gloss white.


Job Number: 28178 | Date: September, 2016 | Client: Acadia Scenic | Secondary: VMA’s | Location: NYC


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