Enhance a Colour was brought in to help PRG with the production of “The Wiz“. PRG required a yellow brick road that was durable and easy to setup yet move between scenes during the live show. EaC’s ability to print 40-50 ft. sections of vinyl marley flooring sped up the process within their short timeframe. Four 10 ft. x 30 ft. sections were printed by Enhance a Colour and PRG scenically aged them for the show.

Designer, Derek McClane wanted to have shiny green material that would easily flow but also be vibrant where Common stood guard. We were able to achieve that by printing a dye-sublimation print process into poly satin knit material. The curtains behind Common were 25 ft. x 29 ft. with 100% fullness. They were sent to I-weiss for finishing. In addition a second piece called “The mound” was produced out of the material at 90 ft. x 10 ft. It was used to wrap around the tornado house to make a mountain to show that it was rising into the sky

Finally EaC helped produce the column portals with in the emerald city out of fabric as flat wraps. Over 50 pieces were produced to look like columns and stained glass. The average size was 8 ft. x 50 ft. long. Backlit artist was used in a dye-sub print process.

Job Number: 26967 | Date: August, 2015 | Client: PRG | Secondary: NBC The Wiz, Designer: Derek McClane


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