For the Grand Opening of the Liberty Science Center in Puerto Rico, the museum wanted to feature a one-of-a-kind fun interactive 3D display.  The centerpiece of which was a 3D skeleton with magnetic bones; bones which could be easily moved around by the kids.

The fun and interactive display is designed to attract visitors of all ages and is an exciting activity for everyone to learn all about their skeletal system. While Enhance a Colour produced the displays and graphics, they worked closely with the main exhibit builder to complete the project and finish installation.

In order to create the custom panels, our team applied a double hit of white ink for the base of the prints, which would allow the top colors to be opaque.  The graphics were printed on the white base in amazing full color. We then laminated the artwork using UV Liquid Lamination, for extra protection.   The finished laminated prints were mounted to Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) wood.  We created a total of 23 vibrant panels.

Next, we moved from wood panels to printed magnets to help create the interactive 3D exhibit. We are experienced professionals when it comes to producing 3D displays. Using the latest technology and expertise gives us the ability to print graphics in amazing detail on all types of surfaces.  Plus, we have the equipment needed to cut the printed materials into the most intricate of shapes.  To create our skeleton display, we produced the background by cutting the ¼ inch steel using our water jet machines.  Then, for the bones of the project, our expert team printed directly on to 1/2 inch thick Sintra material using our huge flatbed.  Next, we mounted the back of the sintra with magnetic material, and precision laser cut the bone shapes.  The completed skeleton display was a great body of work, and we were glad to have done our part to make education enjoyable at the Liberty Science Center.

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