After their success on Broadway, Finding Neverland took to the road for their mobile tour. Working on their original show we were brought back in to create pieces for the secondary mobile show.

A Durable – Vibrant Show Curtain
PRG needed to repeat the process from the Broadway show curtain to create a similarly vibrant and durable curtain for the mobile tour. With our ability to dye sublimate directly to the curtain fabric the ink is embedded right into the material which makes it great for traveling around with a mobile tour. If the curtain gets dirty, it can easily be washed with soap and water without any risk of the ink fading, flaking or rubbing off. The drop was produced out of twenty-five panels that were 28 ft. by 52 in. in size, printed into 13 oz. apollo velour. After printing, the panels were sent to I-weiss to complete the sewing to create the curtain.

Backdrops and Portal Legs
During the residency on broadway, EAC worked with Hudson Scenic to create flipper panels that had a scene on the front and a different scene on the back. With a mobile tour, this effect was not able to be duplicated at a different venue at each stop. Instead, flat wraps were produced to cover the side portal legs. Due to the size and intricate pattern, our 16 ft. fabric printer was required to help produce the pieces. Being seamless and dye-sublimated, they got the same wow factor that was produced on broadway. In addition to portal legs, the dimensional hand crafted back element on broadway had to be transformed into a flat, portable piece. With EAC’s ability to print 16ft dye-sub, we were able to help.

Date: November 2016 | Client: Fairfield University | Secondary: N/A | Job Number: 24848

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