PRG working with ECLA Detroit came to Enhance a Colour with a vision of a 78 ft. high fabric cross for their Raise Up event for the Evangelical Lutheran Church. With our capabilities with seamless 16 ft. fabric we were the perfect fit for the project. PRG produced the frames for the 30 ft. x 78 ft. cross and to fit all the pieces together we printed two pieces at 11 ft. x 96 ft., two pieces at 11 ft. x 65 ft. and one final piece that was 33 ft. by 75 ft.

Dye sublimation produces great color and vibrancy. The cross was backlit and sewn with hidden webbing and grommets to hide the connections. Seams were sewn in larger pieces where they wouldn’t be seen. The fabric was printed, cut and sewn within two weeks and as a secondary piece EaC printed 3M pressure sensitive vinyl for the 30 ft. stairs.

Client: PRG | Secondary: ECLA Detroit | Job Number: 26509

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